Recent Client Testimonials

Working with Polly has been incredibly powerful; she’s helped me see things from different perspectives and build a toolkit to navigate a new organisation and a new role. Her ability to listen, reflect and positively challenge when I need it has been a real support. She’s made me aware of the power of two key skills; listening and language; something I return to time and again, and am very grateful for her sound, balanced and realistic perspective. I’m certain I would have found the last year infinitely more challenging without her guidance and look forward to continuing to grow in my career, putting to good use what I’ve learnt. Steph – Partner, Real Estate Advisory

Polly is pretty much the best listener I’ve ever known, she has a very rare ability to combine empathy and candour, all of which makes her a brilliant coach. She’s also always good fun, and never fails to put problems into perspective. Ian – Advertising Executive

Polly is an outstanding coach. She helped me change the direction of my career and eventually find fulfilment and happiness, which I would not have been able to achieve without her. There are so many coaches out there that just work from a text book. Polly is not one of those. She has many years of real-life experience in the work place, as well as in coaching, and this combination, together with her dedication, warmth and understanding, sets her apart. Wesley – Corporate Lawyer

Working with Polly has changed my life. As someone who never talked about feelings, I am now so much more comfortable in myself. My relationship with my parents has been transformed and as a person I’m more understanding and empathetic. As a musician and composer, I’m not sure I could’ve got through the ups and downs of the creative industry rollercoaster over the past year without her support. I always have a lot going on and I can’t say enough about what a great ally Polly has been through a year of personal reflection and professional planning. Ben – Songwriter/Producer

Polly has helped me achieve so many goals over the years, that I’ve lost track! Brilliant wisdom and guidance, with coaching tailored to both my style and objectives. Stuart – Lecturer in Physics

Returning to work from maternity leave, I went to see Polly on a friend’s recommendation. She immediately put me at ease whilst simultaneously challenging me to think laterally about some of the frustrations I was facing in my role. By astutely holding a mirror up to my circumstances, Polly allowed me to see situations with a different perspective and carve out new directions. We’ve worked together on and off for three years, and I continue to be so grateful for her wisdom, insight and honesty. She’s given me wind beneath my wings and helped me fly. Jessica – Media professional

Polly and I have been working together over the last five years and I truly cannot recommend her more highly. I started meeting with her at a turbulent and unhappy time in my life, and through our work together not only got back on track, but carved out a happier and more fulfilled life. Polly’s support and guidance, along with her wise, kind (and sometimes tough!) words have helped me manage the challenges life has thrown at me. I was promoted at work, found the strength to leave an unhappy relationship (and have subsequently met my husband), and Polly also helped me work through the loss of a dear friend to name but a few things. Polly is truly wonderful – thank you, Polly! Lily – Music Agency/Booker